Directorate of European Union Investments

Directorate of European Union Investments
Department of European Union Financial Aids
  • To carry out the operational programs and to coordinate the utilization of funds within the framework of the financial relations with European Union,
  • To ensure the management, updating of the Environment Operation Programme and Environment & Climate Action Sectorial Operational Program, along with maintaining the prioritization of the projects within the program, and selecting & keeping the project selection criteria up-to-date.
  • To draw up the Master Plan, Feasibility Report, Environmental Impact Assessment (ÇED) report, design reports, procurement documents and IPA Application Form under the Technical Assistance Project with the objective to lodge the IPA application of the projects selected among those within the Prioritization List, as well as lodging the relevant application to the European Commission.
  • To carry out the procurement/tender works for the projects approved by the European Commission in line with the European Union procedures, to prepare the tender documents accordingly, to maintain the tender assessments process, and to enter into contract with the successful tenderer.
  • To ensure that the construction, material and service procurement contracts are put into practices in accordance with the relevant legislations and international contract provisions (PRAG, FIDIC, etc.), terms of reference and technical specifications of the contracts; to control the conformance of the works carried out to the contract; to approve the progress payments of the companies; to make regular visits to the worksite, and to manage the process until the end of the projects through meetings to be held.
  • To carry out the payment transactions within the scope of the project, and to keep the books accordingly; to exchange correspondence with the National Fund Department within the Under-secretariat of Treasury concerning such payment transactions; to request for payments and to draw up financial reporting.
  • To organize the Sectorial Monitoring Meeting that is held twice annually; to make site visits with the objective to control the projects progression in accordance with the relevant plan within the implementation phase of the contracted projects.
  • To draw up reports oriented at the sustainability of the accreditation terms & conditions of the Ministry; to carry out the risk management works; to perform analyses on the management of human resources and the training needs of the Ministry personnel.
  • To issue the information, documents and reports concerning the duties of the relevant institutions and authorized bodies, along with carrying out the preparations as deemed required for the utilization of structural funds as per the characteristics of the operational program.