General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations

General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations
The General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations Duties

a) To ensure the coordination and communication as deemed required to carry out the Ministry Services swiftly, properly, effectively and efficiently in relations with European Union, along with legislative and coordination works towards European Union, works towards economical affairs and technical cooperation, 

b) To carry out the operational programs and to coordinate the utilization of funds within the framework of the financial relations with European Union,

c) To organize and put into practice the operational programs within the framework of the applicable legislation, European Union acquis and relevant international agreements,

ç) To regulate the relations with regards to the relevant fields of practice of the Ministry and of the institutes that operate on international area, including the relevant international agreements, and also to ensure the communication and coordination,

d) To carry out, procure and notify the relevant parties about the inspections and researches with regards to the European Union legislation and practices related to the Ministry’s realm of authority,

e) To select and prioritize the projects with regards to the projects and activities to be supported, to carry out and ensure the progression of the related tenders and contracts, to make and perform the recognition of the payments, and to carry out the controls, evaluations and follow-up as deemed required,

f) To pass on the information, documents and reports concerning the related institutions and competent authorities, to perform the preparations required for the use of structural funds as per the characteristics of the operational program,

g) To carry out the works and procedures concerning the committees to visit the Ministry within the framework of the Ministry’s activities and also for the committees to be assigned tasks abroad,

ğ) To ensure the conducting of protocol procedures concerning the foreign relations,

h) To fulfill the duties assigned by the Ministry.