Directorate of European Union Investments

Directorate of European Union Investments
Department of International Relations
  • To ensure the coordination and communication as deemed required to carry out the Ministry Services swiftly, properly, effectively and efficiently in relations with European Union, along with legislative and coordination works towards European Union, works towards economical affairs and technical cooperation
  • Provided that it is deemed suitable and applicable by the Ministry and Vice Minister, to draw up, undersign, put into practice the cooperation agreements, memorandum of understanding, protocols, notices, etc. in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the objective to ensure collaboration with foreign countries within the framework of the regional and/or bilateral relations. To ensure the coordination, communication and organization within and out of the Ministry with regards to the meetings of Joint Economic Commission (KEK), High-Level Cooperation Council (YDİK) to be held between Turkey and foreign countries, along with the Agreements / Memorandum of Understanding / Protocols to be undersigned following such meetings. To carry out the organization within the scope of visits, invitations, works/technical visits between Turkey and foreign countries (informative letters, lecture notes, etc.). To ensure coordination with the relevant technical departments of the Ministry.
  • To regulate the relations with regards to the relevant fields of practice of the Ministry and of the institutes that operate on international area, including the relevant international agreements, and also to ensure the communication and coordination
  • To carry out, procure and notify the relevant parties about the inspections and researches with regards to the European Union legislation and practices related to the Ministry’s realm of authority,
  • To carry out the works and processes concerning the committees to visit the Ministry within the framework of the Ministry’s activities.
  • To steer the domestic and foreign investments in the field of environment and urbanization; to research, develop and pave the way for realizing the foreign construction investment opportunities of the Ministry, its affiliates and Turkish contracting companies; to notify the Turkish contracting companies with regards to the developments wishing to make overseas investments, and to ensure the coordination with the investee country; to come up with solutions with regards to the problems and challenges that may be experienced by the Turkish contracting companies in foreign countries; to inform the relevant organizations and companies by means of analyzing the investable countries in terms of economical, political and bureaucratic aspects; to find national and international credits, funds and resources for investor companies; to facilitate the procedures for the investors by means of ensuring the coordination with the foreign authorized bodies with the objective to procure land in the investee foreign country; to find viable partnerships for the projects to be carried out in Turkey and overseas; to develop mechanisms in order to help the global investors to be recognizant of the Turkish market and investment environment.
  • To fulfill other duties as assigned by the Minister.