General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations

General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations
Foreign Investments
  • To steer domestic and foreign investors in the field of environment and urban planning,
  • To research, develop and pioneer the construction investment opportunities of the Ministry, affiliated organizations and Turkish contracting companies abroad,
  • To inform Turkish contracting companies who wish to invest abroad concerning the developments and to coordinate with the investee country,
  • To produce solutions for the problems that Turkish contracting companies may encounter abroad,
  • To inform the relevant organizations and companies by means of analyzing the investable countries in terms of economical, political and bureaucratic aspects
  • To find national and international credits, funds and resources for investor companies,
  • To facilitate the procedures for the investors by means of ensuring the coordination with the foreign authorized bodies with the objective to procure land in the investee foreign country,
  • To prepare short and long term investment programs of the Ministry, affiliated institutes and related institutions on country basis
  • To prepare the reports of the foreign contracting sector annually and to present them to the relevant institutions, organizations and companies,
  • To ensure that construction projects to be implemented abroad are carried out within the framework of international agreements and other relevant legislation,
  • To ensure the sustainability of investments and up-to-date information by establishing a reporting and database system,
  • To do / get feasibility and reporting services, to control the investment and efficiency aspects within this scope,
  • To gather together with the relevant institutions and investor companies in certain periods and to provide mutual up-to-date information flow,
  • To monitor and control the implementation of funds obtained for construction projects,
  • To research, participate in and announce construction tenders, fairs and events abroad,
  • To monitor and evaluate the projects carried out abroad by Turkish contractors or affiliated organizations,
  • To provide contractors and organizations with information, documents and reports regarding their duties and responsibilities,
  • To develop new opportunities and suggestions by staying in constant contact with investors,
  • To encourage and follow-up the commercial cooperation between international and domestic companies in order to attract attention of international investors directly towards our country,
  • To find suitable partnerships for projects to be carried out in Turkey and abroad,
  • To develop mechanisms that will help global investors to get familiar with the Turkish market and the investment environment,
  • To fulfill similar duties assigned by the Ministry and General Directorate,