Directorate of European Union Investments

Directorate of European Union Investments

Project application deadline for “Climate Change Adaptation Grant Programme” was prolonged to December 28, 2020!

17 November 2020
Project application deadline for “Climate Change Adaptation Grant Programme” was prolonged to December 28, 2020!

The total of funds allocated for the projects to be supported within the scope of “Climate Change Adaptation Grant Programme”, which is financed jointly by European Union and Republic of Turkey and carried out by our Ministry with the support of United Nations Development Programme, is 6.800.000 Euros, and the pre-application deadline was prolonged to December 28, 2020, from November 30, 2020.

The purpose of the grant programme is to enhance the adaptation to climate change in Turkey and to increase the resilience of cities, to protect natural resources and ecosystems, while also increasing the adaptive capacity of the economic sectors that are prone to be affected by the same

Non-Governmental Organizations (associations and foundations, etc.), Municipalities, Local Governments (Regional or Provincial Directorate, Special Provincial Administration, Governorship, etc.), Universities or Research Institutions / Centers, Development Agencies, Non-Profit Local Level Businesses such as Trade Unions, Cooperatives, Chambers, Professional Organizations and Organizations Representing the Private Sector can lodge applications for grant projects with a term between 12 to 18 months.

With the objective to introduce the Grant Program and provide detailed information concerning the preparation of the project proposal, informative meetings were organized on online platforms, and more than 1000 institutions and organizations participated in these meetings

The priorities have been identified as follows, accordingly:

• Development of local climate action plans and strategies and / or preparation of decision-making tools.

• Avoiding and reducing exposure to risks related to climate change (water scarcity, drought, forest fires, floods, extreme weather events, etc.).

• Increasing the resilience of sectors affected by climate change.

• Increasing the exchange of information and experience between cities oriented at the establishment of innovative technologies and systems compatible to climate change and implementation of the same to Turkey, and / or adaptation in the EU institutions


We wish the best for the Municipalities, Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations and other institutions, as the beneficiary of these grant package

Grant supports of up to 150 thousand Euros and 450 thousand Euros will be able to be given based on 2 different application types.

Application details can be found on our web pages.

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